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Airships are air-faring vehicles withing the Final Fantasy universe. Traditionally, they used propellers and sails to move (as well as looking rather a lot like sailing ships), and were steered with a rudder. The latter of these applies to some of the newer games as well, although the flotation and moving power can come from vastly different sources.

In quite a few games, the technological knowhow involved in building airships has been lost, and in quite many of these cases it is revived by a man named Cid. In games where this is not the case, Cid is an inventor instead, coming up himself with the technology required to move airships.


Below you can find a list of the more important airships of the series.


Cargo Ship
Hilda Garde
Prima Vista
Ragnarok (spaceship)
Red Rose


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Final Fantasy V

Airships in the world of Final Fantasy V are much of an unexplained invention, other than in supplementary materials1. In them, it is revealed that airships were invented by the ancients.

The ancients thought that being close to the sun's rays could cure illnesses. Due to this they started wondering if they couldn't travel to the sun itself, and developed a machine that could control the gravitational field. When this machine was attached to a sea-faring vessel, the first airship was born.
Additionally, airships are made from over 9 parts not including the hull.

Final Fantasy XIV

Current-day airships in Eorzea use ceruleum as the power source for their airships. The ceruleum technology was invented by Cid Garlond and distributed rather freely to the city-states. The Garlean Empire uses the same technology to power not only their airships, but many of their war machines as well.

It bears noting that Cid Garlond couldn't have defected to Eorzea from the Garlean Empire until less than 15 years ago, and the exact time of his defection is unknown. It could be that the Eorzean states used a different technology to power their ships before this, if they had any. No mention of a different technology can be found in the game though, giving us a faint outline for the introduction and launching of airships in Eorzea - less than 15 years for Cid Garlond to establish himself in Eorzea, distribute airship technology, for the Highwind Skyways to be established and for regular airship service to begin.

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