Agart Lore

Agart is a village on a mountaineous island in Final Fantasy IV. It has a rich lore of the people's ancestors. The word is that their ancestors were dwarves, and came from another world that has a sun called Magma. These ancestors supposedly came through the mountains to the north. The agartans retain some music and dances from the old days.
Agart is in a peaceful region, but they sometimes suffer from earthquakes. There is an old well in the town that has been there for generations. It isn't known how deep it is, and it's said it's bottomless.

Old Lore

"Only when the sun’s stone is returned will the path to the native land emerge."
"Without darkness, light cannot exist. There is day and there is night. These are the laws of nature."
"There are two sides to everything. Even to this world."

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