Aetherytes are ancient constructions, formed of some kind of machinery and crystallized aether. The art of making them appears to have been lost, and the people of Eorzea merely use the ones they have found scattered around the region.

The scholars of Eorzea are not 100% certain how the aetherytes work. However, the most common theory is that when a living being approaches an aetheryte their bodies are changed into aether. In this state, the mind can guide the aether of the body to travel to the location of another aetheryte, and the aetheryte in the location of arrival will reconstruct the body. The process is instantaneous.

Aetheryte seems similar in function to the Gate Crystals in Final Fantasy XII.

Using Aetherytes

To personally use an aetheryte, one must first be attuned to it through having touched it once. Note that all player characters start with the attunement of one single aetheryte, that of their starting city. From there they can expand out and gain aetherytes and aetheric nodes to widen their area of teleporting.
Note that anyone can be teleported anywhere if they are not the one initiating the teleport themselves, but are instead carried along with another player's teleport. This happens by simply being in the same party with the person initiating the teleport and accepting to be carried along.

To teleport to an aetheryte, a certain amount of Anima is required. This amount depends on how far you are from the aetheryte you want to teleport to, if you have it as a favored location and if the aetheryte is in a city or elsewhere. Aetherytes in the same region require 3 anima, while aetherytes in another region require 6. If the aetheryte is a city-one instead, the amounts required are 2 and 3, respectively. Likewise for favored locations. You can register a favored location by talking to the aetheryte camp's leader, located behind the counter right nearby to the aetheryte.

Note that you cannot teleport to aetheric gate directly, but must go via the local aetheryte instead. To teleport to an aetheric gate you must choose 'teleport to an aetheric gate' from the aetheryte menu. It always costs exactly 1 anima. Note that you cannot bring others along for this kind of teleport.

There is also a third kind of teleporting, that of 'return'. This can be done for free every 15 minutes, and it will teleport you to the aetheryte you have registered as a home location.

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