Aether in Final Fantasy XIV is a spiritual substance, something that envelopes the whole world of Hydaelyn and is the life force of the world and the beings on it. The flow of aether in living beings is also called Lifestream. Manipulating it also enables various magical powers - in the traditional sense of spells and less traditional sense of abilities.

Usually aether cannot be seen (it is unclear if it just exists on a different plane from the normal world), but the crystallized form of it is called aetheryte. Linkshells also appear to be somehow connected to the aether, as the residents of Eorzea sometimes call communicating over linkpearls 'placing a call on the aether', and aetherial disruptions can render linkshells unusable. Likewise, travel to aetherytes can become disrupted, although it is less susceptible to disturbances than linkshell transmissions.

Aether appears to be similar to the concepts of Lifestream in Final Fantasy VII, the pyreflies in Final Fantasy X, the Mist in Final Fantasies IX and XII, and the Gaia Soul in Spirits Within.

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