Aeons (召喚獣 [shoukanjuu] or 'summoned beast' in Japanese) are the Summons of Final Fantasy X. A lot more is known about the aeons of Spira than the summons of most other worlds. They are in fact not beasts at all, but dreams of the Fayth, given temporary flesh by pyreflies.

The art of creating aeons was created in the ancient Zanarkand thousands of years ago. The civilization eventually perished, but managed to make their opponents, the people of Bevelle, follow some version of their teachings that included the art of summoning. Ever since the people of Bevelle started following the teachings of Yevon, they have forbid themselves the use of machina. This, however, is not required for the art of summoning.

The oldest aeons - or at the very least, dreams of the Fayth - are the city of Dream Zanarkand and that of the ever-refreshing Sin. However, these are special cases, and most Fayth only dream up a regular aeon. When a human becomes a Fayth, they attain a statue-like state of being where their body cannot awaken from. Their will lives on with the aeon. At least some aeons were enshrined in temples by the people of Yevon, and would-be summoners had to go through ordeals in the temple to prove themselves worthy of summoning.
When a summoner reaches the end of their pilgrimage and reach the heart of the ruins in Zanarkand, they are greeted by Yunalesca who offers to create for them a Final Aeon, an aeon for the purpose of defeating Sin. If this Final Aeon is created and the summoner defeats Sin, the Final Aeon will become the new Sin, creating an endless cycle of returns for the bane of all the people on Spira. In actual fact, at least some of the 'regular' aeons are the failed Final Aeons of summoners past.

The Aeons

Aeon Place Fayth
Valefor Besaid unknown
Ifrit Kilika unknown
Ixion Djose unknown
Shiva Macalania unknown
Bahamut Bevelle unknown
Magus Sisters Remiem Temple unknown
Anima Baaj Temple Seymour's mother
Yojimbo Cavern of the Stolen Fayth unknown

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