Adventurers' Guild

An Adventurers' Guild is a guild for adventurers in Final Fantasy XIV. As opposed to traditional guilds that only take on people of one profession such as lancers or weavers, the Adventurers' Guilds of Eorzea take on all types of people who just happen to be adventurers.


The services of an adventurers' guild extend from a network of connections to offer serious one-time jobs/services to smaller (possibly repeatable) services for the populace delivered through guildleves. They also provide adventurers only starting out with basic advice on how to survive out in the word, and adventurers weary of handling their own merchandise they deliver the services of retainers who can handle the merchandise in their stead.

In addition to their standard all-year-round fare, the adventurers' guilds of Eorzea support and handle the arrangements of some festivals throughout the year. Festivals arranged by an adventurers' guild can generally be recognized by small stalls in various locations around the city-states, manned by suspicious or overly jubilant characters.

Adventurers' Guilds are known to be located in the hearts of the city-states, and are popular stopping places for other travelers than simply adventurers.


Some of the first adventurers' guilds were formed a couple dozen years in the past with the advancing of the Garlean threat from the north-east. They are known to exist in the present day or to have existed in the past in Gridania (Carline Canopy), Limsa Lominsa (Drowning Wench), Ul'dah (Quicksand), Ishgard and Ala Mhigo. The state of the Ishgardian adventurers' guild is unknown since the city closed its doors to outsiders, and the one in Ala Mhigo fell when the city fell under Garlean rule.

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