Academy Datanet

The Academy Datanet appears to be an internet- (or intranet-) like virtual net that provides employees and citizens of Academia with information on at least notable events and the Academy's latest projects and their progress.

There are various bits and pieces of the information on the Datanet available for the player in Final Fantasy XIII-2. They can be accessed by gathering the fragment items Stoic Virtue, Epicurean Song, Lyceum Knowledge and Academia Wisdom.
Other bits of the information on the Datanet are obtained simply by playing through the story. These latter ones can be read in the Datalog in the game.

Fragment Files

Deterioration of the Pillar

The deterioration of the crystal pillar supporting Cocoon continues, and it will only be a matter of years before a complete structural collapse occurs. Academy scientists are moving forward with plans to create a 'metashield' - an invisible cushion of force that will soften Cocoon's impact significantly, thereby minimizing the damage to Pulse's surface and preventing a catastrophic upheaval in the lowerworld's ecosystem.

Future Determines the Past

With our continuing progress into paradox research, we've come to learn that the future can influence the past. Once events in the future are decided, the past is altered to support that outcome. For people in the future, the past is like an unopened box. Say, for example, at a certain point in time, someone makes a discovery in a set of ruins and learns a fact about the past. In that instant of understanding, past reality is defined. But then the question must be asked: who, along the entire span of history, is considered to be 'in the future'?

Human Languages

The language of the human race has changed little since ancient times. Records show that the tongue spoken by the people of Paddra almost a thousand years ago is functionally identical to that used by the present citizens of Academia. Although the language is much the same, it seems strange that the alphabets of Gran Pulse and Cocoon should vary so widely. Perhaps this variation stems from the fact that human language was not a naturally occurring phenomenon, but a tool given to us by the fal'Cie.

The Last Primarch

The last Primarch in Cocoon was the ill-fated Cid Raines, who was killed in a coup d'etat shortly after his rise to office. The Cavalry, the military unit leading the rebellion, once followed him without question in their bid to overthrow the Sanctum. They considered his acceptance of the government's highest position as incontrovertible proof of his betrayal. Captain Rygdea, member of the Cavalry and instigator of the coup d'etat, was the driving force behind the provisional government formed following the catastrophe. Although he spoke little of his former commander, he did have this to say of Cid Raines: 'He was exactly the sort of man we needed for this new age.'

Datalog Files

It bears noting that aside from the Gates of Augusta and The Thirteenth Ark files, the files below appear to be from the original distorted timeline where Proto Fal'Cie Adam was completed and Hope and Alyssa assasinated, and where the Fal'Cie Adam eventually turned the people of Academia into Cie'th. The origin of the Gates and Ark files cannot be determined.


Academia is the capital city of the settlements that have sprung up around the base of the Cocoon pillar, and the location of the Academy Headquarters. Construction of Academia began approximately four hundred years ago. Later, the artificial fal'Cie Adam was completed and set to oversee the running of the city. Academia is protected by a highly advanced security system. In the event that intruders enter the city, a range of countermeasures will be set in motion to contain and eliminate the threat.

Augusta Tower

Augusta Tower is the central information processing facility of the Academy. The entire edifice is occupied by the machinery of an artificial intelligence that possesses unprecedented processing power. The tower also houses the Proto fal'Cie Project, an ambitious plan to create a man-made fal'Cie.

Gates of Augusta

This information is accurate as of the year 200 AF. The highest floor of Augusta Tower is the site of the gate that behaves differently from a standard time portal, instead leading to a 'virtual space' within the AI mainframe. To activate this special gate, one must climb to the top floor of the tower and directly access the AI's core.

Man Vs Machine - Clasified Information

In the decade following the commencement of the Proto fal'Cie Project, a conflict arouse in the Academy between the AI construct and its human creators. The construct insisted that the Proto fal'Cie be imbued with the full powers of a fal'Cie, but the scientists countered with the argument that the more dangerous combat functions were unnecessary. With no compromise forthcoming, the project faced termination. In 13 AF, the project director, Hope Estheim, was assassinated and the debate died with him. The Proto fal'Cie was eventually created with the fully functional ability to change humans into l'Cie or Cie'th.

Proto Fal'Cie Adam

Proto fal'Cie Adam is an artificial fal'Cie that oversees the city of Academia. This man-made entity handles all of the roles previously filled by the Cocoon fal'Cie. Adam is an all-powerful being who protects the lives and interests of the citizenry - a fal'Cie for the people.

Proto Fal'Cie Project

The Proto fal'Cie Project began in 13 AF, under the direction of the Academy. The objective was to develop an artificial fal'Cie in order to re-levitate Cocoon. The project was proposed and designed by Alyssa Zaidelle, and directed by Hope Estheim. The Proto fal'Cie Project is currently underway in Augusta Tower, the Academy's central network facility.

The Thirteenth Ark

The Thirteenth Ark is an ancient Gran Pulse military facility capable of sustained self-levitation. The floating fortress is currently deserted, and a number of Academy research teams have been sent inside to investigate. Scientists are primarily interested in the mechanism that allows the Ark to remain afloat without a constant supply of power from the fal'Cie. The purpose of the facility remains unclear. Some theories posit that the Ark was in operation during the war between Pulse and Cocoon.

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