A.Z. Files

The A.Z. Files (referring to Alyssa Zaidelle) are a collection of personal notes written by a Alyssa. The complete files can be read by gathering the fragment items Idea Circuit, Enigma Codex and the Difference Engine.

The A.Z. Files

I got a message the other day, and when I saw who it was from, well golly, I nearly keeled over in surprise. It was from Hope Estheim himself! I remember when Elida used to be classmates with him in middle school. It's hard to forget the names of the people who were involved in the catastrophe. Anyway, he said he was really interested in my report about the gates, and wanted to know if I'd be willing in joining his team. Team Alpha. Wow. With them, I'd have all the resources I need to continue my research.

We're learning more and more about the properties of spacetime. We know that when the future is altered, the past is reorganized to maintain the logic of the timeline. Even people's memories are overwritten with the new reality. And we also know that multiple possibilities do not co-exist. In the end, one timeline is chosen, and that becomes the true history. I wonder what happens to the other possibilities, the ones that aren't chosen. And in which of the those worlds will I end up?

I still don't know if it was me or my friend who died that day. No matter how many times I check that gravestone, the doubts remain. Timelines that are not chosen eventually disappear. Other possibilities only exist for as long as spacetime is broken. When the paradoxes are resolved, and the true timeline restored, will it be like the man in my dreams says it will? Will I disappear forever, gone even from the memories of the people who remain?

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