A Curious Treasure

The following excerpts are from Final Fantasy XII unlockable lore bits in the bestiary.
Following the excerpts themselves is a brief mention of what mobs are required to unlock the lore page in question.

Wrath of the Gods
Though it appears to be naught but a puppeteer's fantasy, the pandora is a crafty creature, with complex, highly developed innards that somehow harness the power of lightning. Where blood flows in our veins, lightning flows in theirs.
Its heart, charged with the task of sending that lightning to the rest of its body, works much like the engine of an airship. Mechanists call this unusual organ the wrath of the gods.
Pandora 048 / Lhusu Mines

Charged Gizzard
Curious indeed is this organ capable of capturing the very power of lightning.
Made of metal, and yet flesh. Lines made of a metallic substance trace this gizzard like the strands of a spider's web, running thence throughout the creature's body like our veins, delivering energy where it is needed. These lines hold fast lightning, never relinquishing a drop while their host is whole. Natural philosophers call this organ the charged gizzard.
Thunderbug 079 / Henne Mines

They say that the candle's flame is the shining of a soul.
As the life dwindles and fades toward the end of its days, so does the flame flicker, gradually dimming until it disappears in a whiff of smoke.
If the flame is the soul, then the smoke is the soul ascending to heaven.
So did the candle earn its place in ceremony, and these tallows are called lifewicks.
Necrofiend 086 / Henne Mines

Arctic Wind
Now, it is a well-known fact among researchers of arctic monstrosities that the yeti possesses lungs of particular fascination, operating as they do at a temperature colder than ice, making them well-suited to the breathing of frigid air.
Unique structures within the yeti's lungs cause atmospheric moisture to form icy tubes, with openings on either side which permit the flow of air.
Over time, these tubular structures grow ever more intricate, and when they are later forcibly removed from the yeti's chest cavity, they become the curious objects known as arctic winds, and are highly collectable.
Yeti 095 / Paramina Rift

Do you know why the wyrdhare is considered a symbol of good fortune? Why, it is on account of the light that radiates from its body, much resembling the light of the stars used in fortune telling and divination.
The source of that brilliance is none other than the dust that stirs up around it as it scampers and whirls in the gloaming. The fine particles on its fur glitter like stars in the light, making it pleasing to the eye, and securing its position as a good luck charm withal.
This dust, in turn, is called stardust, and is highly valued.
Wyrdhare 121 / Salikawood

Antarctic Wind
Though the fur of the feral croc might seem, at first, to grow in a random fashion, the careful observer will note channels in the fur which permit air to pass and cool the beast.
Typically, air flows freely over the creature's body before continuing on its way, yet on rare occasions it leaves the channels, swirling instead around the nooks and crannies of the croc's strange physiology. There the wind takes on tangible form, and so is the substance known as the antarctic wind formed.
Feral Croc 135 / Tchita Uplands

Hell-gate's Flame
There is a flame fueled by vengeance and hatred, and never shall it flicker or fade. Perhaps it is the hell-gate's flame burning on the horn of the cerberus that has earned it the title "Watchdog of Hell." Yet these flames touch none but the wicked, and singe the good not in the least. Hence the custom of searing the sinful with flame to adjudge the weight of their sins.
Cerberus 146 / Feywood

According to the chronologists, the creatures known as mu came as emissaries from the moon, and were once revered as sacred beings.
Thus is the dust they guard with their lives thought to come from the moon itself. Indeed, this moondust is markedly different in nature and composition from most similar sands found here in Ivalice.
Mu 148 / Feywood

Four-leaf Clover
Only those with luck in spades might hope to find a lucky four-leaf clover. So goes the tale, and with its telling this humble leaf grew into something sacred and mystical, a bringer of good luck.
Yet, few are they who know that the four-leaf clover is host to a deadly poison, strong enough to kill the largest of giants.
And no wonder so few know.
After all, if you happened to be fortunate enough to find something so rare, you'd be unlikely to want to eat it!
Mandragora Prince 149 / Feywood

Gimble Stalk
The sharp and deadly weapon of the alraune king is indeed but a coiled up vine. They may whirl it around at will, skewering anything which strays too close. The report of one such vine penetrating wyrmscale is no idle rumor.
Indeed, the gyrating power of the gimble stalk is greatly to be feared, and if its strength could but be applied to weapons of war, oh, the victories one might claim…
Alraune King 151 / Feywood

One popular theory goes that the wind carries within its gossamer folds invisible sickles, apt to swirl and cut men's flesh. When these sickles are bared, the sound of slicing wind is heard in the air, and the body is suddenly ripped and torn.
As no blood comes from the cuts, and there is no pain, many are they who have died without knowing aught was wrong. People call these unseen threats the sickle-blades.
Preying Mantis 154 / Feywood

There once lived a young boy who was wont to study even as the sun fell and the moon rose. In time, people came to call him a sage. Born to a farm, he took a pumpkin grown from his own patch and made of it a lantern, thereby reading at night when all of his daily duties were discharged.
So did the boy grow in knowledge until he was wise.
Therefore do we say that the light of the pumpkin is a symbol of great learning, and so has the jack-o'-lantern become a favored affectation of scholars.
Pumpkin Star 155 / Feywood

Tomato Stalk
Upon consuming this vegetable, one loses interest in all, the will to act… quite gone.
Recognized as a highly effective reagent for inducing languidness. The manner of its use is up to you.
It is the lowly tomato stalk, and by all rights it should be thrown away.
Topstalk 157 / Feywood

Ketu Board
There is a charm, the working of which requires that one draw nine stars upon a prayer-board in the blood of a cassie.
Depending upon the configuration of the stars, the board may be used for the warding of evil, the fulfillment of pure wishes, or other such noble cause.
This Ketu board is popular amongst market-goers, being one of the most widely available charms today.
Cassie 174 / Ridorana Cataract

Slime Oil
A pure extract of oil from the creature known as the slime has been garnering the attention of natural philosophers.
This slime oil has been found to have wondrous properties when used as a base or reagent in the making of medicines and various tinctures.
Though the specific means of its use are closely guarded, it is clear that the special attributes of slime oil make it better than oil from other sources.
We can but hope that our chefs do not discover it to be well-suited to cookery!
Slime 192 / Zertinan Caverns

Magick Lantern
Demons rejoice in tempting Man with bewitching words, sweet as nectar, luring all but those with the most stolid of natures.
Of all their temptations, one of the most famous is the magick lantern, said to grant wishes, which indeed it does… though the price be mortally dear.
Mallicant 195 / Zertinan Caverns

Demon's Sigh
What a work of art, to capture the eyes of so many, and draw a sigh from even the most heartless of creatures.
Yet because of its enchanting beauty, each one, after being made, is stolen forthwith, and now none care to make these priceless artifacts.
The only ones who remember their true beauty are the demons that clutch them to their breasts in pleasure born of avarice.
They are called the demon's sigh, and the world shall never know their like again.
Buer 197 / Zertinan Caverns

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