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Has pages for all the types of items a person can wear in the games, including weapons, armor, accessories and other types.

A Wondrous Wardrobe
Abyss Killer
Acacia Hat
Accurate Watch
Adaman Bangle
Adaman Blade
Adaman Clip
Adaman Hat
Adaman Vest
Adamant Armor
Adamant Hat
Adamant Vest
Adamantite Knives
Adamantite Main Gauches
Adel's Mask
Adept's Armlet
Adept's Ring
Aegis Armlet
Aegis Armlets
Aegis Gloves
Aegis Shield
Aeolian Bow
Aeolian Scimitar
Aerial Whirlwind Knife
Aetherial Ash Radical
Aetherial Ash Wand
Aetherial Book of Electrum
Aetherial Book of Mythril
Aetherial Book of Silver
Aetherial Brass Knives
Aetherial Budding Ash Wand
Aetherial Budding Oak Wand
Aetherial Budding Rosewood Wand
Aetherial Budding Yew Wand
Aetherial Elm Cane
Aetherial Elm Crook
Aetherial Embossed Book of Electrum
Aetherial Embossed Book of Silver
Aetherial Engraved Goatskin Grimoire
Aetherial Engraved Hard Leather Grimoire
Aetherial Goatskin Grimoire
Aetherial Hard Leather Grimoire
Aetherial Iron Daggers
Aetherial Jade Crook
Aetherial Mythril Baselards
Aetherial Mythril Knives
Aetherial Mythril Pugiones
Aetherial Oak Radical
Aetherial Pastoral Mahogany Cane
Aetherial Pastoral Oak Cane
Aetherial Plumed Yew Crook
Aetherial Sprouting Rosewood Radical
Aetherial Steel Baselards
Aetherial Steel Daggers
Aetherial Steel Knives
Aetherial Walnut Cane
Aetherial Wand of Flames
Aetherial Wand of Frost
Aetherial Wand of Gales
Aetherial Wand of Storms
Aetherial Wand of Tides
Aetherial Wand of Tremors
Aetherial Whispering Ash Wand
Aetherial Yew Crook
Aetherial Yew Radical
Aetherial Yew Wand
Aevis Killer
Agales's Chain
Agate Ring
Agrias's Balm
Agrippa's Choker
Air Anchor
Air Knife
Air Knives
Air Racket

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