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Presents all kinds of activities within Final Fantasies. Many of these are minigame-type and other optional content.

Activities in Brave Exvius
Activities in FFVIIR
Activities in FFXI
Activities in FFXIV
Adventurer Squadrons (XIV)
Adventuring Fellow (XI)
Alchemy Recipes (XIV) 1-10
Alchemy Recipes (XIV) 11-20
Alchemy Recipes (XIV) 21-30
Alchemy Recipes (XIV) 31-40
Alchemy Recipes (XIV) 41-50
Alchemy Recipes (XIV) 51-60
Armorcraft Recipes (XIV) 1-10
Armorcraft Recipes (XIV) 11-20
Armorcraft Recipes (XIV) 21-30
Armorcraft Recipes (XIV) 31-40
Armorcraft Recipes (XIV) 41-50
Armorcraft Recipes (XIV) 51-60
Battle Intel Reports (FFVIIR)
Blacksmithing Recipes (XIV) 1-10
Blacksmithing Recipes (XIV) 11-20
Blacksmithing Recipes (XIV) 21-30
Blacksmithing Recipes (XIV) 31-40
Blacksmithing Recipes (XIV) 41-50
Blacksmithing Recipes (XIV) 51-60
Brain Blitz
Captain Cryptic's Confounding Quiz
Caravan Security
Carpentry Recipes (XIV) 1-10
Carpentry Recipes (XIV) 11-20
Carpentry Recipes (XIV) 21-30
Carpentry Recipes (XIV) 31-40
Carpentry Recipes (XIV) 41-50
Carpentry Recipes (XIV) 51-60
Challenge Log (XIV)
Chocobo Breeding (FFT0)
Chocobo Companion (XIV)
Crafting in FFXI
Crafting in FFXIV
Culinary Recipes (XIV) 1-10
Culinary Recipes (XIV) 11-20
Culinary Recipes (XIV) 21-30
Culinary Recipes (XIV) 31-40
Culinary Recipes (XIV) 41-50
Culinary Recipes (XIV) 51-60
Dungeons and Raids (XIV)
Expeditionary Missions (XIV)
FFXIII-2 Minigames
Fields of Valor
Final Fantasy XIV Events
Final Fantasy XIV World Events
Gathering in FFXIV
Goldsmithing Recipes (XIV) 1-10
Goldsmithing Recipes (XIV) 11-20
Goldsmithing Recipes (XIV) 21-30
Goldsmithing Recipes (XIV) 31-40
Goldsmithing Recipes (XIV) 41-50
Goldsmithing Recipes (XIV) 51-60
Guild Tasks (XIV)
Hamlet Defense (XIV)
HELM Activities
Housing (XIV)
Hunting Log (XIV)
Leathercraft Recipes (XIV) 1-10
Leathercraft Recipes (XIV) 11-20
Leathercraft Recipes (XIV) 21-30
Leathercraft Recipes (XIV) 31-40
Leathercraft Recipes (XIV) 41-50
Leathercraft Recipes (XIV) 51-60
Manuscripts in FFVIIR
Mark Hunt (XIV)
Mog Garden (XI)
Notorious Monsters (XIV)
Parley (XIV)
Path Companion (XIV)
Primal Battles (XIV)
Records of Eminence

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