ズー [zu] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy IV

HP: 941, MP: ?, ATK: ?/M?, DEF: ?/M?, EVA: ?, SPD: ?
GIL: 51 / EXP: 3,764
Weakness: Thunder, Wind
Drops: Feathered Cap, Hi-Potion, Cottage, Silver Apple
Steal: Feathered Cap
Place: around Mysidia and Mt Ordeals, around Eblan

Final Fantasy V


Level: 15, Number: 32, Type: -
HP: 850, MP: 0, STR: 22, MAG: 0, DEF: 0, MDEF: 5, EVA: 0
GIL: 150 / EXP: 360
Immune: Earth
Status Immunity: Mini, Sleep, Toad
Control: Attack, Breath Wing, Release: Breath Wing
Drops: Elixir
Steal: Elixir
Place: around Karnak, around Library of the Ancients (world 1)

Before Crisis

Level: 1+
HP: 100xlevel
Weakness: Wind (x2)
Resistance: None, Earth, Fire, Gravity, Ice, Lightning, Meteor, Poison, Water
Place: Episode 12, Freemode 7

Final Fantasy IX


Level: 8
HP: 1,149, MP: 293, ATK: 16/M9, DEF: 6/M6, EVA: 2/M3, SPD: 20
GIL: 384 / EXP: 320/2
Drops: Potion, Phoenix Down, Ether, Hi-Potion
Steal: Potion, Ore, Hi-Potion, Phoenix Pinion
Place: Cleyra Tree Trunk
Other: as Zuu

Final Fantasy XII

Number: 067, Aggro: Yes, Movement: Fly, Type: Avion/Diver, Flying
Stats (level 22-22): HP 1,880,1896, MP 280-284, ATk 25-26, DEF 12, MDEF 13, EVA 4-6, STR 23, MAG 14, VIT 36-37, SPD 16-17
Stats (level 22-22): HP 1,880,1896, MP 280-284, ATk 25-26, DEF 12, MDEF 13, EVA 4-6, STR 23, MAG 14, VIT 36-37, SPD 16-17
EXP: 1,025-1,029 / LP: 1, 2 / Clan points: 152-165
Immunity: Stop, Confuse, Slow, Lure, Charm
Weakness: Earth
Abilities: Attack (x1-x4 with 10% chance, 4% chance to Slow), Lunge, Kamikaze
Drops: Large Feather 40%, Wind Magicite 25%, Rod 3%, Remedy 1%, Pebble 30% with monograph, Arcana 7% with canopic jar
Steal: Wind Magicite 55%, Large Feather 10%, Aero Mote 3%
Poach: Large Feather 95%, Giant Feather 5%
Place: Ozmone Plain (second version only in Dagan Flats)
Description: An avion whose beak has regressed, turning into jagged teeth like those of a tyrant wyrm. They have not a feather on their bodies, but instead are covered with a taut, thin membrane, reducing wind resistance so that they may fly extremely fast when necessary, and with little or no effort at other times. Thus throughout the day do they circle the sky, waiting for prey to appear upon the ground below.

Crystal Chronicles

HP: 48, STR: 7, MAG: 7, DEF: 3, Type: Flying, Number: 045
Complete Immunity: Slow, Stop
Status Immunity: Freeze, Stun
Strong Resistance: Blizzard, Thunder
Abilities: Kick, Sonic Boom, Fire Ball, Ice Ball, Thunder Ball
Place: Lynari Desert

All the Bravest

HP: ?, Number: 76, From: FF5
Ability: Dive
Drop: Trident
Area: Troia Range
Description: This selfish bird attacks from above with no consideration at all for what you're doing.

Category: Bestiary

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