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ヴァルチャー [vulture] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XII

Number: 117, Aggro: Yes, Movement: Fly, Type: Avion/Diver, Flying
Stats (level 30-32): HP 4,022-4,158, MP 480-498, ATK 42-46, DEF 17-19, MDEF 22, EVA 5-9, STR 32-34, MAG 16, VIT 45-47, SPD 17-21
EXP: 1,952-2,136 / LP: 2 / Clan points: 261-361
Immunity: Stop, Confuse, Slow, Lure, Charm
Weakness: Earth
Abilities: Attack (x1-x4 with 17% chance), Lunge, Kamikaze
Passive Abilities: Counter, Counter+
Drops: Giant Feather 40%, Wind Magicite 25%, Black Cowl 3%, Bundle of Feathers 1%, Eye of the Hawk 10% with monograph, Arcana 12% with canopic jar
Steal: Wind Magicite 55%, Red Fang 10%, Bundle of Feathers 3%
Poach: Giant Feather 95%, Eye of the Hawk 5%
Place: Mosphoran Highwaste
Description: Being a variety of diver living primarily in arid, mountainous regions, skilled at riding the updrafts high up in the air, whence it spots its prey, and plummeting downward for the kill. Having wing tips the shade of purple oft seen in highland flora, this being a clear indication of long years spent in adaptation with its environs. Its long beak, too, is evidence of this, the shape being perfectly suited for the fishing out of smaller creatures from between the rocky crags.

Category: Bestiary

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