ヴェロキラプトル [velociraptor] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XIV


Level: ?, Movement: Ground, Aggro: Sight
Type: Bloodborn / Scalekin / Raptor
Weakness: Wind
Resistance: Fire, Ice
Incapacitation: Head, Feet
Abilities: Foul Breath, Ripper Fang, Scythe Tail
Drops: Fire Shard, Earth Shard, Lightning Shard, Raptor Skin
Area: ?
Description (modern Raimdelle Codex): The raptor is a cold-blooded, serpent-like beast belonging to the scalekin class. They live in forests and often hunt their prety in pairs, with one acting as decoy and the other lying in wait until the prey has tired, then taking it unawares. Even though hunting the raptor can prove a lethal endeavor, the risk is often undertaken due to the combined value of the raptor's skin and venomous fangs, which fetch handsome prices from practicioners of alchemy.
Description (original Raimdelle Codex): The raptor is a sharp-set and full thirsty serpent, and naught but the lifeblood of man or beast may slake his bitter thirst, as it is said coldness of the raptor's blood driveth him to murther. In holts and copses, raptors scheme and forge a plot atween them: one acteth the bait, and lureth their quarry on a chase over root and knot, and when their quarry wxeth weary, the second leapeth forth from hidden boughts and by great subtlety of guile, slayeth the prey and drinketh his blood anon for to warm imself. Yet in spite of divers perils, he is oft for his silken skin of scales hunted and flayed, and his venomous claws be accounted good and profitable in working of Alchemie.

Category: Bestiary

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