Troll is a type of an ugly giant. The word comes from Old Norse word 'troll' meaning 'giant', 'fiend' or 'demon'. The word was likely associated with all things supernatural, eg Old Norse 'trolldomr' which meant 'witchcraft'.
It bears noting that while trolls were originally roaming giants, more modern interpretations in the Nordic countries would have them more closely resembling dwarves or imps and living underground.

Final Fantasy I

HP: 184, MP: ?, ATK: ?, DEF: ?, EVA: ?, SPD: ?
GIL: 621 / EXP: 621
Drops: N/A
Place: Cavern of Earth, around Crescent Lake, around Lufenia

Final Fantasy IX


Level: 20
HP: 1,469, MP: 623, ATK: 30/M12, DEF: 10/M10, EVA: 3/M4, SPD: 23
GIL: 854 / EXP: 2,093/1
Drops: N/A
Steal: Ore, Tent
Place: Conde Petie Mountain Path, Outer Continent

Category: Bestiary

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