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サンダーバグ [thunderbug] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XII

Number: 079, Aggro: Yes, Movement: Ground, Type: Insect/Mimic
Stats (level 23-25): HP 2,083-2,303, MP 315-325, ATK 35-39, DEF 30-34, MDEF 12, EVA 0, STR 34-38, MAG 13, VIT 32-34, SPD 18
EXP: 744-922 / LP: 1 / Clan points: 122-270
Immunity: Petrify, Sleep, Immobilize, Lure
Absorb: Thunder
Weakness: Ice
Abilities: Attack (x1-x2 with 10% chance), Leech, Lunge
Passive Abilities: Counter, Counter+ (when HP<50%)
Drops: Iron Scraps 40%, Storm Magicite 25%, Remedy 3%, Red Fang 1%, Charged Gizzard 15% with monograph, Arcana 9% with canopic jar
Steal: Storm Magicite 55%, Iron Scraps 10%, Cancer Gem 3%
Poach: Iron Scraps 95%, Charged Gizzard 5%
Place: Henne Mines
Description: Being a battery mimic that, due to Mist exposure, has left the normal course of its development and become something altogether different. As a result of the rapid changes induced by Mist, much of its form is twisted and misshapen. A residual static charge helps this creature to regulate its temperature, and generate the energy necessary to break down the materials from which it draws sustenance. Its body is an example of evolution gone horribly awry, and many natural philosophers have suggested that it is in a very much terminal state, seeing no possible further permutation of form through which this creature has not already been.

Category: Bestiary

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