Sword Dancer

ソードダンス [sword dance] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy V


Level: 48, Number: 216, Type: Humanoid
Stats: HP 3,000, MP 0, STR 75, MAG 0, DEF 15, MDEF 0, EVA 0
GIL: 561 / EXP: 2,400
Control: Attack, Critical, Dancehall Daze, Release: Critical
Drops: Ice Brand
Steal: Enhancer, Mythril Helm
Place: Cleft of Dimensions (castle)

Before Crisis

Level: 1+
HP: 60x(level+3)
Weakness: Ice (x2)
Immune: Earth
Place: Freemode 4

Record Keeper


Sword Dance (VII)
Weakness: -
Nullify: Earth
Status Resistances: Paralysis, Stop, Sleep, Petrify, Doom, Death
Bonus Condition: -
Abilities: Attack, Body Blow, Slap
Drops: (see location page)
Place: ?

Category: Bestiary

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