スプリガン [spriggan] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy III

Other: Spriggan is a dummied out ogre-type monster (lv64) from the NES version

Final Fantasy XIV


Level: ?, Movement: Ground, Aggro: Sight
Type: Bloodless / Soulkin / Spriggan
Weakness: Earth
Resistance: Lightning, Water
Incapacitation: -
Abilities: Attack (Wind element), Aero
Drops: Lightning Shard, Wind Shard, Fire Shard
Area: ?
Description (modern Raimdelle Codex): Spriggans are neither sprites nor faeries, but share similarities with both. They are known to inhabit rocky environs and the deep recesses of mines, and are easily recognizable by their short, pitch-black fur. Spriggans are always in possession of a gem or chunk of ore. Miners do not fear spriggans, for it is said seeing one can bring fortune.
Description (original Raimdelle Codex): The spriggan be nother a manner sprite, ne faerie, yet possess the qualities thereof. His fur be a wonder black, blacker than the most blackest of ravens, and he dwelleth amidst crags of rock or in mines full deep. The spriggan savoureth and craveth gems and holdeth alway a stone possessed of much sparkling. Pick-men be not affeared by the spriggan for to see one is said right providential.

Category: Bestiary

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