SOLDIER 3rd Class

To read more about SOLDIERs, see here.
ソルジャー3rd [SOLDIER 3rd] in Japanese.

All the Bravest

HP: ?, Number: P02, From: FF7
Ability: Full Swing
Drop: ?
Area: Outskirts of Midgar
Description: These Shinra henchmen are so weak and craven that they tend to travel in pairs.

Record Keeper


SOLDIER 3rd Class (VII)
Weakness: Fire
Status Resistances: -
Bonus Condition: -
Abilities: Attack, Split, Sleep, Wind Slash
Drops: (see location page)
Place: ?

Trading Card Game

SOLDIER 3rd Classes have appeared once in the FF-TCG series, bearing the Fire element.

4-010C SOLDIER 3rd Class

Category: Bestiary

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