Skull Warrior
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スカルウォリアー [skull warrior] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XII

Number: 060, Aggro: Yes, Movement: Ground, Type: Undead/Skeleton
Stats (level 17-18): HP 876-882, MP 330-350, ATK 23-24, DEF 11, MDEF 8, EVA 4, STR 22-23, MAG 12-13, SPD 18
EXP: 713-716 / LP: 1 / Clan points: 99-115
Immunity: Death, Petrify, Sleep, Disease, Lure
Absorb: Dark
Weakness: Holy
Abilities: Attack (x1-x5 with 2% chance), Blind, Dark, Water Spout, Lunge, Bone Toss
Drops: Bone Fragment 40%, Dark Stone 25%, Alarm Clock 3%, Golden Shield 1%, Broken Spear 15% with monograph, Arcana 6% with monograph
Steal: Dark Stone 55%, Bone Fragment 10%, 200 gil 3%
Poach: Bone Fragment 95%, Broken Spear 5%
Place: Tomb of Raithwall
Description: Cold bones sheathed in armor forged of a strong alloy, wielding a blade with more skill and more cruelty than any warrior alive. Perhaps all were as skilled in the forgotten past, for this undead creature's bearing, arms, and armor are of an ancient style. Indeed, the skull warrior's skill with a spear illuminates the old ways of war in a fashion more vivid and fearsome than any tome on the subject could hope to effect. Though pale by comparison, even a modern interpretation of the spearman's art is not to be underestimated when employed by a dedicated practitioner.

Category: Bestiary

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