Sinspawn: Geneaux

シンのコケラ:グノウ [sin no kokera: geneaux] or 'Sin's scale Geneaux' in Japanese.

Final Fantasy X

Number: 022, Type: Sinspawn
Stats: HP 3,000, Overkill 900, MP 30, POW 15, MPOW 10, DEF 1, MDEF 1, SPD 7, EVA 0%
AP: 48, Overkill AP: 72, Gil: 300
Statues Immunities: Blind, Poison, Petrify, Zombie, Sleep, Death, Death Sentence, Threaten, Provoke
Status Details: Zanmato resist 4
Weakness: x1.5 Fire
Absorb: Water
Abilities: Sigh (100% chance every other turn when HP>2,400 (the other turn does nothing)), Venom (100% chance every 1st turn out of 3 when HP<2,400), Water (100% chance every 2nd turn out of 3 when HP<2,400), Staccato (100% chance every 3rd turn out of 3 when HP<2,400)
Ronso Rage: -
Drops: Power Sphere
Auto-Abilities on Drops: Weapons: Piercing (Kimahri, Auron), Darktouch. Armor: Dark Ward
Steal: -
Bribe: -, Monster Arena: -
Location: Kilika Temple
Other: after reaches 2,400 or less HP, opens up from shell and SPD becomes 10
Other: spawns with two Geneaux's Tentacles

Record Keeper


Sinspawn: Geneaux (X)
Weakness: Fire
Absorb: Water
Status Resistances: Poison, Confuse, Stop, Darkness, Sleep, Petrify, Doom, Death
Bonus Condition: -
Abilities: Sigh (100% chance when not in attack mode), Venom (1/3 chance when in attack mode), Staccato (1/3 chance when in attack mode), Water (1/3 chance when in attack mode)
Drops: (see location page)
Place: ?
Other: changes into attack mode after receiving a set amount of damage
Other: spawns with two Geneaux's Tentacles

Category: Bestiary

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