Sinspawn: Ammes

シンのコケラ:エムズ [sin no kokera: emms] or 'Sin's scale: Emms' in Japanese.

Final Fantasy X

Number: 002, Type: Sinspawn
Stats: HP 2,400, Overkill 1,000, MP 400, POW 1, MPOW 5, DEF 1, MDEF 1, SPD 9, EVA 0%
AP: -, Overkill AP: -, Gil: -
Status Immunities: Poison, Petrify, Zombie, Sleep, Death, Death Sentence, Threaten, Scan
Status Specifics: Zanmato resist 1
Weakness: -
Abilities: Demi (100% chance)
Ronso Rage: -
Drops: -
Auto-Abilities on Drops: -
Steal: -
Bribe: -, Monster Arena: -
Place: Dream Zanarkand

Record Keeper


Sinspawn: Ammes (X)
Weakness: -
Status Resistances: Poison, Sleep, Petrify, Doom, Death
Bonus Condition: Don't get KO'd in Sinspawn: Ammes battle
Abilities: Gravity (100% chance under normal conditions), spawn 3 Sinscales (the turn after all existing Sinscales were killed)
Drops: Void Orb (Large)
Place: Zanarkand
Other: spawns with 3 Sinscales

Category: Bestiary

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