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A redcap is a murderous goblin-like monster from England and Scotland, said to inhabit ruined castles on the border between the two. They get their name from how they are said to murder travelers and dye their caps in their victims' blood. They are said to die if the blood on their caps dries out. Despite the iron-shod boots they wear, it's said that no-one can outrun a redcap.
レッドキャップ [redcap] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy III


Level: 18, Number: 044, Type: -, Family: Goblin
HP: 252, ATK: 31, DEF: 16, MDEF: 3, STR: 10, VIT: 13, INT: 9, MND: 15, AGI: 17, WGT: 6
GIL: 87 / EXP: 320
Immunity: -
Weakness: Fire 50%
Resistance: Ice 50%, Water 50%
Abilities: Attack (uses with 68% chance), Glare (inflicts Sleep, uses with 32% chance), attacks once per round
Drops: Potion ~1.4%, Zeus's Wrath ~0.7%, Angel's Sigh ~0.5%, Turtle Shell ~0.2%, Heavenly Wrath ~0.2%
Steal: Potion (75% @ THF99), Zeus's Wrath (23.9% @ THF99), Angel's Sigh (0.9% @ THF99)
Place: Gysahl grasslands, Floating Continent outer edge

Drop Rate: 3%
Drop Table: 1 Potion, 2 Zeus's Wrath, 3 Zeus's Wrath, 4 Angel's Sigh, 5 Angel's Sigh, 6 Turtle Shell, 7 Heavenly Wrath, 8 Heavenly Wrath


Red Caps have appeared once in the FF-TCG series, bearing the Fire element.

7-020U Red Cap

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