パイソン [python] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy V


Level: 39, Number: 138, Type: -
HP: 1,800, MP: 0, STR: 49, MAG: 0, DEF: 5, MDEF: 5, EVA: 0
GIL: 405 / EXP: 680
Weakness: Ice
Status Immunity: Mini
Learn: Vampire
Control: Attack, Puncture, Entangle, Release: Entangle
Drops: Eye Drops
Steal: Antidote
Place: around Library of the Ancients (world 3)

Final Fantasy IX


Level: 9
HP: 75, MP: 184, ATK: 9/M8, DEF: 10/M10, EVA: 2/M3, SPD: 19
GIL: 106 / EXP: 40/1-2
Drops: Phoenix Down
Steal: Potion, Ore, Hi-Potion, Phoenix Pinion
Place: Mist Continent

Final Fantasy XII

Number: 115, Aggro: Yes, Movement: Ground, Type: Beast/Serpent
Stats (level 29-32): HP 3,016-3,346, MP 240-285, ATK 41-44, DEF 19, MDEF 22, EVA 5, STR 31-37, MAG 14, VIT 41-44, SPD 19-22
EXP: 1,749-2,028 / LP: 1 / Clan points: 234-477
Immunity: Doom, Disable, Sap, Lure
Weakness: Earth
Abilities: Attack (x1-x4 with 10% chance, 4% chance of Poison), Gnaw, Spiral Cut
Drops: Tanned Hide 40%, Wind Magicite 25%, Gold Needle 3%, Quality Hide 1%, Giant Serpent's Fang 10% with monograph, Arcana 12% with canopic jar
Steal: Wind Magicite 55%, 400 gil 10%, Bone Helm 3%
Poach: Tanned Hide 95%, Great Serpent's Fang 5%
Place: Mosphoran Highwaste
Description: Living in dry mountainous regions, the mouth of the python has developed its distinctive narrowed shape to better probe the rocky cracks where its prey make their nests. From neck down to midriff, its body is split into two identical curves, each containing an elongated stomach with powerful digestive capabilities. With these can it process large quantities of food despite its slender form. Its bony scales are azure in hue, and much resemble lusterless metal.
Other: will appear when you walk close enough to its hiding place

Category: Bestiary

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