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パンドラ [pandora] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XII

Number: 048, Aggro: Yes, Movement: Ground, Type: Insect/Mimic
Stats (level 48-49): HP 9,366-9,606, MP 805-812, ATK 91-93, DEF 32-35, MDEF 29, EVA 0, STR 42-44, MG 20, VIT 53-55, SPD 23, has 50% chance of having Protect and Shell
Stats (level 60-62): HP 15,557-16,037, MP 980-994, ATK 120-124, DEF 35-41, MDEF 32, EVA0, STR 60-64, MAG 36, VIT 57-61, SPD 26, has 50% chance of having Protect and Shell
EXP: 2,648-2,805 / LP: 1 / Clan points: 311-471, 394-714
Immunity: Petrify, Stop, Confuse, Sleep, Disease, Disable, Immobilize, Silence, Blind, Poison, Sap, Lure, Berserk, Charm
Absorb: Thunder
Weakness: Ice
Abilities: Attack (x1-x2 10% chance, Thunder element), Leech, Lunge
Passive Abilities: Null EVA (HP<50%), Damage Resist (HP<50%)
Drops: Storm Crystal 40%, Hi-Potion 25%, Iron Ore 3%, Aegis Shield/Cancer Gem 1%, Wrath of the Gods 10% with monograph, Arcana 20% with canopic jar
Steal: Storm Stone/Iron Ore 55%, Iron Ore/Cancer Gem 10%, Cancer Gem/Aegis Shield 3%
Poach: Iron Ore 95%, Wrath of the Gods 5%
Place: Lhusu Mines
Description: Some boxes are made to be opened, others to remain closed. A prime example of the latter is none other than the pandora, a fiendish creature that assumes the look of a chest or coffer, granting death to any who open it. But o, the folly! For still it is whispered that the taboo upon the death-box's opening is nothing more than a rumor spread by those avaricious few who would claim the treasures inside for themselves! How many, hearing this, have opened what they believed to be a boon only to find a bane.

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