Omega is said to be an ultimate weapon of destruction, virtually unbeatable. It first appeared in Final Fantasy V where it was sealed in the Rift, and its somewhat alluded that at least some of the later appearances of Omega (in its robot incarnation) are the same weapon, found a way out of the Rift or to another part of the Rift. Note that some incarnations of Omega is an entirely or partially organic monster instead.
Also known as Omega Weapon. オメガ [omega] in Japanese.

'Omega', or the symbol Ω, is the last letter of the Greek alphabet. When read the common way in a word, it is read as an 'o'. However, having existed for a long time, some letters of the alphabet have become to mean various additional things as well, and this particular one's meaning means 'the end' or 'the ultimate', which is the meaning most certainly intended for the monster.


Final Fantasy V

Omega (boss)

Level: 119, Number: 311, Type: -
HP: 55,530, MP: 60,700, STR: 115, MAG: 199, DEF: 190, MDEF: 150, EVA: 95
GIL: 50,000 / EXP: 0
Weakness: Lightning
Absorb: Earth, Fire, Holy, Ice, Poison, Water, Wind
Status Immunity: Berserk, Confuse, Darkness, Death, Mini, Old, Paralyze, Petrify, Poison, Sleep, Toad
Learn: Flamethrower
Drops: Omega Badge
Steal: -
Place: Cleft of Dimensions (waterfall cliff)

Final Fantasy XIII-2


Omega (fight)
HP: 882,500, Stagger: -, Chain resistance: 100
GIL: 3,000 / CP: 1,000
Weakness: Lightning
Halved: Physical, Magical
Immune: Curse, Daze, Fog, Deprotect, Deshell, Imperil, Pain, Poison
Abilities: Accelerator, Crippling Surge, Flamethrower, Missile, Operation Ω, Overheat, Pilebunker, Wave Cannon
Drops: Omega Crystal (10%), Power Generator, Kaiser Knuckles
Place: DLC at the Coliseum: Omega, Bringer of the End

Omega (tame)
Role: Commando, Max Level: 99
HP: 3,310, STR: 597, MAG: 483, ATB: 3
Grade: 3, Stages: 5
Affinities: half Physical, weak to Lightning
Command Abilities: Attack, Ruin, Blitz (level 3), Ruinga (level 45)
Auto Abilities: Powerchain (level 7), Ravage (level 12), Lifesiphon (level 16), Blindside (level 20), Scourge (level 30)
Passive Abilities: Feral Surge, Feral Fatigue, Leadstrike, Strength +10% (level 25), Strength +16% (level 55), Strength +20% (level 65), Auto-Bravery (level 80)
Feral Link: Wave Cannon
Traits: Heartless, Late Bloomer, Sparkprone

All the Bravest

HP: ?, Number: 71, From: FF5
Ability: Wave Cannon
Drop: Ulysses
Area: Narshe Plains
Description: An ancient machine lacking onboard navigation, lost in the Interdimensional Rift forever.

Trading Card Game

Omega has appeared once in the FF-TCG series, bearing the Dark element.

10-125R Omega

Category: Bestiary

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