オチュー [ochu] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy I

HP: 208, MP: ?, ATK: ?, DEF: ?, EVA: ?, SPD: ?
GIL: 102 / EXP: 1,224
Items: N/A
Place: rivers, around Citadel of Trials

Before Crisis

Level: 1+
HP: 140x(level-10)+100
Weakness: Water (x2)
Immunity: Poison
Place: Episode 15, Freemode 15, training


Final Fantasy IX

Level: 16
HP: 3,568, MP: 622, ATK: 30/M12, DEF: 6/M6, EVA: 3/M4, SPD: 23
GIL: 845 / EXP: 2,093/2
Items: Phoenix Down, Ether
Steal: Hi-Potion, Phoenix Pinion, Ether
Place: Conde Petie Mountain Path

Final Fantasy X


Number: 054, Type: Ochu
Stats: HP 7,200, Overkill 924, MP 35, POW 22, MPOW 14, DEF 1, MDEF 1, SPD 6, EVA 0%
AP: 180, Overkill AP: 270, Gil: 520
Status Immunities: Blind, Zombie, 20% chance of immunity to Silence, Sleep
Status Specifics: Poison 5%/tic, Death Sentence 2 turns, Zanmato resist 1
Weakness: x1.5 Fire
Absorb: Water
Abilities: Poison Claw (100% chance on random enemy when no other criteria is fulfilled, 66.6% chance on random enemy when HP<3,600), Ochu Dance (33.3% chance when HP<3,600)
Ronso Rage: -
Drops: Power Sphere (common), Magic Sphere (rare)
Auto-Abilities on Drops: Weapons: Piercing (Kimahri, Auron), Poisontouch, STR+5%, MAG+5%. Armor: Sleep Ward, Dark Ward, Silence Ward, Poison Ward, Stone Ward, Confuse Ward, Berserk Ward
Steal: Remedy (common)
Bribe: 144,000 gil / Remedy x70, Monster Arena: 780 gil
Place: Moonflow

Crystal Chronicles

HP: 40, STR: 11, MAG: 2, DEF: 9, Type: -, Number: 017
Status Immunity: Freeze, Stun, Gravity
Extreme Weakness: Fire, Holy, Slow, Stop
Ability: Tentacle (may inflict Shock lv1), Slow (may inflict Slow lv1), Biora (may inflict Poison lv2), Quick Spin (inflicts Knockback lv1)
Place: Mushroom Forest (cycle 2-3), Moschet Manor (cycle 3)


My Life as a Darklord

Stats Lv 1: HP 114, ATK 43
Stats Lv 2: HP 132, ATK 50
Stats Lv 3: HP 156, ATK 59
Stats Lv 4: HP 176, ATK 66
Stats Lv 5: HP 198, ATK 75
Type: Ranged, Slots: 1, Speed: Slow
NP to implement: 110, NP to upgrade: 10/15/20/25
Karma to upgrade: 400/800/1,200/1,600
Ability: Poison lv 2-4
Obtain: Aresial Island

Category: Bestiary

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