ムー [mu] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy IX


Level: 2
HP: 77, MP: 183, ATK: 9/M8, DEF: 10/M10, EVA: 2/M3, SPD: 19
GIL: 104 / EXP: 34/1-2
Drops: Potion, Echo Screen, Phoenix Down
Steal: Potion
Place: Mist Continent, Festival of the Hunt

Final Fantasy XII

Number: 148, Aggro: Yes, Movement: Ground, Type: Beast/Dreamhare
Stats (level 40-41): HP 3,167-3,487, MP 999, ATK 55-57, DEF 25-26, MDEF 28-30, EVA 9, STR 28-31, MAG 24, VIT 40-41, SPD 23-25, 50% chance of Faith
EXP: 1,010-1,184 / LP: 1 / Clan points: 228-455
Immunity: Petrify, Stop, Doom, Reverse, Immobilize, Sap, Lure
Weakness: Water
Abilities: Attack (x1-x5 with 10% chance), Regen, Fira, Thundara, Blizzara, Berserk, Confuse, Vespersong, Lunge, Warsong, Time Requiem, Mach Punch
Passive Abilities: Null VIT, Piercing Magic, Crit HP -> MAG+, Parry, Counter, Spellbound, Item+, Attack CT = 0 (when HP<20%)
Drops: Fire Crystal 40%, Eye Drops 25%, Blood Wool 3%, Aries Gem 1%, Moondust 6% with monograph, Arcana 18% with canopic jar
Steal: Blood Wool 55%, Aries Gem 10%, Pheasant Netsuke 3%
Poach: Blood Wool 95%, Moondust 5%
Place: Feywood
Description: The curious mu makes its home in the ancient trees of the Feywood. Their nests are made by boring holes in the tree trunks, whence they peer out to watch for danger. Spending all of their waking lives beneath the shade of the trees, their bodies are pale and colorless. So close is their affinity for the trees that some communities consider them to be tree spirits.

Crystal Chronicles

HP: 10, STR: 4, MAG: 4, DEF: 2, Type: -, Number: 083
Lv1 Immunity: Stun
Resistance: Thunder
Abilities: Scratch, Tail Attack
Place: River Belle Path


My Life as a Darklord

Stats Lv 1: HP 54, ATK 3
Stats Lv 2: HP 75, ATK 5
Stats Lv 3: HP 86, ATK 6
Stats Lv 4: HP 97, ATK 6
Stats Lv 5: HP 113, ATK 7
Type: Generic, Slots: 1, Speed: Speedy
NP to implement: 30, NP to upgrade: 5/5/10/10
Karma to upgrade: 180/360/540/720
Obtain: I'Rengia Coast 1

Category: Bestiary

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