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ミオラモエ [mio-ramoe] in Japanese.

Crystal Chronicles

HP: 200, STR: 13, MAG: 13, DEF: 10, Type: -, Number: 115
Complete Immunity: Holy, Gravity/Heavy, Slow, Stop
Status Immunity: Burn, Freeze, Stun
Strong Resistance: Physical, Fire, Blizzard, Thunder
Abilities: Smash, Heat Beam (until head talon is destroyed), Cold Beam (until head talon is destroyed), Smoke, Double Beam (after head talon is destroyed), Dark Cannon (after head talon is destroyed)
Place: Crystal World final boss (direct continuation from Raem fight)
Other: a limited number of memory bubbles (equal to remaining memories in the Crystal Chronicle) appear on the stage that will transform into ??? magicite when a spell is cast onto them. The magicite casts either a random -ga level spell on the boss or invincibility on the caster
Other. is known as 'Memiroa' in the US version of the game

Category: Bestiary

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