マインドフレア [mindflayer] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy I

HP: 112, MP: ?, ATK: ?, DEF: ?, EVA: ?, SPD: ?
GIL: 999 / EXP: 822
Drops: Phoenix Down
Place: Cavern of Ice, Citadel of Trials, Flying Fortress

Final Fantasy IV

HP: 600, MP: ?, ATK: ?/M?, DEF: ?/M?, EVA: ?, SPD: ?
GIL: 33 / EXP: 2,400
Weakness: -
Resistance: -
Absorb: -
Drops: Hi-Potion, Unicorn Horn, Gold Hourglass, Mindflayer (summon)
Steal: Hi-Potion
Place: Lodestone Cavern

Final Fantasy V


Level: 53, Number: 225, Type: -
HP: 4,700, MP: 500, STR: 90, MAG: 0, DEF: 20, MDEF: 0, EVA: 0
GIL: 800 / EXP: 0
Learn: Flame Thrower, Mind Blast
Control: Attack, Mind Blast, Flame Thrower, Blaster, Release: Mind Blast
Drops: White Robe
Steal: Main Gauche, Green Beret
Place: Cleft of Dimensions (Void)

Final Fantasy XII

Number: 240, Aggro: Yes, Movement: Fly, Type: Mindflayer, Rank 4 Mark
Stats (level 35): HP 31,161, MP 999, ATK 49, DEF 15, MDEF 26, EVA 4, STR 32, MAG 26, VIT 74, SPD 19, 50% chance of Shell, Haste and Faith
EXP: 0 / LP: 18 / Clan points: 3,150
Status Immunities: Death, Petrify, Stop, Doom, Confuse, Sleep, Disease, Reverse, Disable, Immobilize, Silence, Poison, Oil, Lure, Warp, Poach, Percentage damage, Sight Unseeing, Syphon, Numerology, Charm, Achilles, Wither, Addle
Resistance: (50%) Fire, Thunder, Ice, Earth, Water, Wind, Holy, Dark
Abilities: Attack (x1, CT34), Fira (5% chance to use), Thundara (same as Fira), Blizzara (same as Fira), Bio (5% chance when HP<20%), Drain (5% chance before Mystery Waltz, 25% chance after), Invert (same as Drain), Hero's March (always uses once after Soul Etude), Dark Shock (25% chance before Mystery Waltz), Soul Etude (always uses once when HP<20%), Time Requiem (25% chance to use before Mystery Waltz), Mystery Waltz (always uses once after Hero's March)
Passive Abilities: Safety, Resist G&M, Null VIT, Piercing Magic, Crit HP -> MAG+, Crit HP -> DEF+, Half MP Cost, Spellbound, Item+, Spellspring (when HP<20%), Damage Resist (when HP<20%)
Drops: -
Steal: Pebble 55%, Float Mote 10%, Vanishga Mote 3%
Place: Henne Mines

Trading Card Game

Mindflayers have appeared once under the Ice element in the FF-TCG series. Note that the card below is an Eidolon instead of a Monster.

7-037U Mindflayer

Category: Bestiary

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