ミミック [mimic] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy IX


Level: 8
HP: 346, MP: 295, ATK: 16/M9, DEF: 10/M11, EVA: 2/M3, SPD: 20
GIL: 346 / EXP: 320/2
Drops: Ether x2, Hi-Potion, Phoenix Down
Steal: Hi-Potion, Antidote
Place: Burmecia

Final Fantasy XII

Number: 030, Aggro: Yes, Movement: Ground, Type: Insect/Mimic
Stats (level 7-8): HP 334-340, MP 105-108, ATK 18-19, DEF 10-11, MDEF 5, EVA 0, STR 15-16, MAG 3, VIT 21, SPD 14
EXP: 135-138 / LP: 1 / Clan points: 41-46
Immunity: Petrify, Sleep, Immobilize, Lure
Weakness: Wind
Abilities: Attack (x1-x2), Leech, Lunge
Drops: Earth Stone 40%, Eye Drops 25%, Iron Scraps 3%, Dark Mote 1%, Pebble 30% with monograph, Arcana 3% with canopic jar
Steal: Iron Scraps 55%, 20 gil 10%, Iron Sword 3%
Poach: Iron Scraps 95%, Iron Scraps 5%
Place: Barheim Passage
Description: Being an insectoid with four sharpened limbs and a hard, metallic shell. Preferring to feast upon brains of high intellect, whereby they may improve their own faculties. By arranging their own carapaces to resemble a coffer, they wait for unwitting prey to "open" them, thereby proving some modicum of intelligence, and thus suitability for consumption. It is most often humes, wracked with base greed, who fall prey to this simple but efficacious ruse, which in turn has made humes the mainstay of the mimic's diet.

Crystal Chronicles

HP: 20, STR: 6, MAG: 6, DEF: 5, Type: -, Number: 082
Complete Immunity: Fire/Burn, Blizzard/Freeze, Thunder/Stun, Holy, Gravity/Heavy, Slow, Stop
Abilities: Junk Crush, Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Stop
Place: Rebena Te Ra

Vagrant Story


HP: 120, MP: 0, STR: 123, INT: 95, AGI: 105
Body, Legs: Physical 15, Air -10, Fire -15, Earth 30, Water 40, Light 38, Dark 26, Blunt 55, Edged 35, Piercing 10
Tail: Physical 15, Air -10, Fire -15, Earth 30, Water 40, Light 38, Dark 26, Blunt 85, Edged 55, Piercing 25
Description: Large insects that mimic chests of treasure to lure unwary treasure hunters

Category: Bestiary

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