Mermaids are legendary creatures and have appeared in myths all over the world. They have the upper body of a woman and the tail of a fish. Depending on the legend, mermaids can be causes of storms, shipwrecks or drownings, or be benevolent fulfillers of wishes. They are almost invariably depicted as beautiful and having long hair.
The word itself consists of the Old English words 'mere' (sea) and 'maid' (young woman).
マーメイド [mermaid] in Japanese.

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Final Fantasy III


Level: 15, Number: 072, Type: -, Family: Mermaid
HP: 364, ATK: 25, DEF: 19, MDEF: 2, STR: 9, VIT: 19, INT: 11, MND: 12, AGI: 19, WGT: 5
GIL: 119 / EXP: 450
Immunity: -
Weakness: Lightning 50%
Resistance: Ice 50%, Water 50%
Abilities: Attack (uses with 100% chance), attacks once per round
Drops: Potion ~1.4%, Antarctic Wind ~0.9%, Bacchus's Wine ~0.5%, Arctic Wind ~0.2%
Steal: Potion (75% @ THF99), Antarctic Wind (24.8% @ THF99)
Place: Floating Continent outer sea, ocean

Drop Rate: 3%
Drop Table: 1 Potion, 2 Antarctic Wind, 3 Antarctic Wind, 4 Antarctic Wind, 5 Bacchus's Wine, 6 Bacchus's Wine, 7 Arctic Wind, 8 Arctic Wind

Category: Bestiary

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