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Mammon (from the Latin word 'mammona', Greek 'mamonas'), literally means 'personification of wealth'. It came to be regarded as the name of a demon in medieval times when the word was left untranslated in a version of the New Testament.

Final Fantasy V


Level: 35, Number: 120, Type: -
HP: 1,700, MP: 100, STR: 46, MAG: 0, DEF: 5, MDEF: 5, EVA: 0
GIL: 351 / EXP: 700
Weakness: Fire
Status Immunity: Death
Control: Attack, Berserk, Release: Berserk
Drops: Hi-Potion
Steal: Hi-Potion
Place: Great Forest of Moore (world 2)

Category: Bestiary

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