Malboro Overking
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グレートキング [great king] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XII

Number: 023, Aggro: Yes, Movement: Ground, Type: Plant/Malboro
Stats (level 36-38): HP 4,775-5,255, MP 999, ATK 52-58, DEF 20-26, MDEF 26-30, EVA 0, STR 30-34, MAG 20-26, VIT 43-53, SPD 18-20
Stats (level 38-39): HP 6,503-6,743, MP 999, ATK 58-61, DEF 24-27, MDEF 28-30, EVA 0, STR 30-32, MAG 21-24, VIT 50-55, SPD 20-21
EXP: 2,568-2,936, 2,903-3,087 / LP: 1 / Clan Points: 248-638, 314-509
Immunity: Doom, Confuse, Reverse, Sap, Lure
Weakness: Holy
Abilities: Attack (x1-x3), Cloying Breath, Purify, Bad Breath, Lunge
Passive Abilities: Counter, Null EVA (when HP<50%), Counter+ (when HP<50%)
Drops: Malboro Fruit 40%, Dark Magicite/Dark Crystal 25%, Vanishga Mote 3%, Virgo Gem 1%, Putrid Liquid 10% with monograph, Arcana 15% with canopic jar
Steal: Dark Magicite 55%, Malboro Fruit/Malboro Flower 10%, Adamant Hat/Virgo Gem 3%
Poach: Malboro Fruit 95%, Putrid Liquid 5%
Place: Garamsythe Waterway
Description: This malboro, through its abstinence of the odd practice of heterogenesis by which its lesser ilk procreate, has reached the foreseeable pinnacle of its development. Its hide has grown hard to the very point of petrifaction, and the crown it wears is studded with a glittering gemstone for each year of its life. Truly a king among foul-smelling vegetables.

Category: Bestiary

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