ハイエナ [hyena] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XII


Number: 008 (a), Aggro: Yes, Movement: Ground, Type: Beast/Wolf
Stats (level 9-10): HP 95-115, MP 30-35, ATK 9-10, DEF 4, MDEF 7, EVA 0, STR 9-10, MAG 3, VIT 12, SPD 10
Stats (level 18-19): HP 940-960, MP 105-110, ATK 22-23, DEF 13, MDEF 13, EVA 4, STR 20-21, MAG 15, VIT 34, SPD 17
EXP: 9-11, 442-444 / LP: 1 / Clan Points: 14-30, 105-121
Immunity: Confuse & Charm (lv18-19 only), Lure
Weakness: Water
Abilities: Attack (x1-x2), Lunge, Fangs
Drops: Fire Stone 40%, Wolf Pelt 25%, Cotton Cap/Green Beret 3%, Potion/Hi-Potion 1%, Pebble 30% with monograph, Arcana 1% with canopic jar
Steal: Fire Stone 55%, Wolf Pelt 10%, Potion/Festering Flesh 3%
Poach: Pebble/Wolf Pelt 95%, Wolf Pelt/Festering Flesh 5%
Place: Giza Plains
Description: A gifted hunter, possessed of sharp horns and fangs, reputed never to spare its quarry once sighted. The larger variety of these is known as the alpha hyena. They consume all manner of things from wee beasts to the largest of behemoths, and do not turn up their noses at the carrion flesh of similar. The horns growing from their snouts are used to impale larger opponents, and
are sharp as well-honed blades. They excel in slipping past a foes defenses, whereupon they deliver a most telling blow to the vitals.

Category: Bestiary

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