Hybrid Gator
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クロスゲーター [crossgator] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XII

Number: 070, Aggro: Yes, Movement: Ground, Type: Beast/Gator
Stats (level 21-23): HP 2,233-2,273, MP 175-185, ATK 27-29, DEF 13, MDEF 12, EVA 0, STR 24-26, MAG 11, VIT 34, SPD 17
EXP: 1,131-1,135 / LP: 1 / Clan points: 189-221
Immunity: Doom, Disable, Poison (sometimes), Sap, Lure
Weakness: Wind
Abilities: Attack (x1-x3 with 17% chance), Ram, Sonic Fangs, Fangs
Passive Abilities: Null Knockback
Drops: Fire Magicite 40%, Gold Needle 25%, Braid Wool 3%, Fine Wool 1%, Pebble 30% with monograph, Arcana 7% with canopic jar
Steal: Bacchus's Wine 55%, Aries Gem 10%, Iron Hammer 3%
Poach: Braid Wool 95%, Fine Wool 5%
Place: Ozmone Plain. Exact place depends on the minutes section of your game clock - 0-14 min in the Switchback, 15-29 min in Dagan Flats, 30-44 min in Field of Light Winds, 45-59 min in the Greensnake
Description: Being a strain of gator originally accustomed to rivers in the tropics, later having adapted to a changing clime, and life upon the hard land. Their black fur absorbs and then traps in the sun's warmth, allowing them to maintain their body heat even when the weather changes for the worse. The head is set inside the cleft in the upper jaw, over which they peer from deep eyeholes, on the lookout for prey and predators alike.
Other: will first concentrate on the foe with lowest max HP until others gain enough hate

Category: Bestiary

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