Green Chocobo
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グリーンチョコボ [green chocobo] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XII

Number: 065 (d), Aggro: No, Movement: Ground, Type: Avion/Chocobo
Stats (level 31-32): HP 3,143-3,211, MP 715-724, ATK 47-49, DEF 17-18, MDEF 22, EVA 6-8, STR 30-31, MAG 16, VIT 43-44, SPD 21-23
Stats (level 32-35): HP 3,718-3,922, MP 770-797, ATK 47-53, DEF 18-21, MDEF 23, EVA 6-12, STR 30-33, MAG 16, VIT 45-48, SPD 21-27, has 50% chance to be sleeping
EXP: 1,586-1,678, 1,733-2,009 / LP: 1 / Clan points: 211-261, 227-377
Immunity: Stop, Confuse, Slow, Lure, Charm. In addition lv31-32 version is immune to Poison
Weakness: Thunder, Water, Holy
Abilities: Attack (x1-x5 with 17% chance), Lunge, Choco-Comet, Wild Charge
Passive Abilities: Full HP -> ATK+, Counter+, Attack+ (when HP<50%), Counter (when HP<50%)
Drops: Fire Stone/Chocobo Feather 40%, Chocobo Feather/Earth Magicite 25%, Gysahl Greens 3%, Taurus Gem/Antidote 1%, Gysahl Greens 80% with monograph, Arcana 7%/13% with canopic jar
Steal: Fire Stone/Chocobo Feather 55%, Taurus Gem/Chocobo Feather 10%, Feathered Cap/Fuzzy Miter 3%
Poach: Chocobo Feather 95%, Gysahl Greens 5%
Place: Ozmone Plain
Description: What creature, fair or foul, has affected the lives of the common man more than the noble chocobo? Though the yellow chocobo is by far the most common, and the only domesticable sort, many other wild breeds of differing hues have been identified. In general, the other colorations of chocobo tend to be quite violent, giving rise to the saying: "Yellow, best for riding; aught else, best be hiding." As even tame chocobos are known for their temper, true domestication requires time and experience. Their curiosity can often get them into trouble, but they are charming nevertheless, and popular throughout Ivalice. As famed naturalist Merlose once wrote: "a little personality goeth a long way."

Category: Bestiary

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