グゥーブー [goobbue] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XIV


Level: 65-69, Movement: Ground, Aggro: Sound
Type: Bloodless / Seedkin / Goobbue
Weakness: ?
Resistance: ?
Incapacitation: ?
Abilities: Beatdown, Loam Cough, Violent Sneeze
Drops: ?
Area: Moraby Bay (note that they were found only before the addition of Shposhae, were removed thereafter)
Description (Raimdelle Codex): The goobbue suffers no beast to find him and unneth is he seen for he hideth and selde lumbereth out of the privities of wood and covert. And he is gladded when moss groweth athwart his pate so he may hide easilier and sooner. Though his lumberings be full raimous, his thick skin can withstand many griefs.

Category: Bestiary

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