The Furies (also known as Erinyes) are demigods from Greek mythology. They punished those guilty of murder, disrespect, injustice and arrogance. They were said to be created from either the blood of Uranus when Cronos castrated him, or were born as daughters of the goddess Nyx. They were three in number, called Alecto, Megaera and Tisiphone, and to be hideous in appearance with poisonous blood and heads covered in serpents. 'Fury' is the singular of the plural 'furiae'.
フリアイ [furiae]

Final Fantasy III


Level: 16, Number: 053, Type: Flying, Family: Harpy
HP: 216, ATK: 29, DEF: 17, MDEF: 3, STR: 11, VIT: 14, INT: 12, MND: 14, AGI: 18, WGT: 5
GIL: 102 / EXP: 380
Immunity: Toad
Weakness: Wind 50%, Piercing 50%
Resistance: Earth 50%, Blunt 50%
Abilities: Attack (inflicts Confusion with 8% chance, uses with 100% chance), attacks once per round
Drops: Potion ~2.4%, Hi-Potion ~0.6%, Phoenix Down ~0.1%
Steal: Potion (99.8% @ THF99)
Place: Tower of Owen
Other: was dummied out in the NES version, but added for real in the DS version

Drop Rate: 3%
Drop Table: 1 Potion, 2 Potion, 3 Potion, 4 Potion, 5 Hi-Potion, 6 Hi-Potion, 7 Hi-Potion, 8 Phoenix Down

Final Fantasy V


Level: 50, Number: 218, Type: -
HP: 5,000, MP: 1,000, STR: 80, MAG: 0, DEF: 20, MDEF: 0, EVA: 0
GIL: 630 / EXP: 2,250
Weakness: Water
Control: Attack, Flare, Holy, Graviga, Release: Flare
Drops: Black Robe
Steal: Cursed Ring, Reflect Ring
Place: Cleft of Dimensions (castle)

Category: Bestiary

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