Forest Funguar

Final Fantasy XIV

Level: ?, Movement: Ground, Aggro: No
Type: Bloodborn / Seedkin / Funguar
Weakness: Fire
Resistance: Ice, Wind
Incapacitation: -
Abilities: Queasy Cloud, Queasy Spore
Drops: Ice Shard, Water Shard, Earth Shard
Area: ?
Description (Raimdelle Codex): A funguar is a nesh plant of a beastes kind, wide in the overmost part, thin in the nethermost. Its fumosities are grievous and noyful to divers things and such venom is perilous and exiteth palsy or slumber ere speedeth a man to death-ward. Culinarians covet the caps of funguars for it is said there is no plant more savoury in all of Eorzea.

Category: Bestiary

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