Far Darrig
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Far Darrig (from Irish 'Fear Dearg', which means 'red man'), are a type of Irish fairies. They are described as having dark, hairy skin and long noses, and wearing red caps. They are sometimes said to be humans who got lost in the faelands and now aspire to warn others not to do the same mistake, but mostly show this concern by making gruesome pranks. They are known for their diet consisting of carrion and reeking of sewers.
ファージャルグ [far darrig] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy III


Level: 14, Number: 050, Type: -, Family: Leprechaun
HP: 177, ATK: 25, DEF: 17, MDEF: 2, STR: 9, VIT: 11, INT: 10, MND: 11, AGI: 18, WGT: 5
GIL: 58 / EXP: 220
Immunity: -
Weakness: Blunt 50%, Slashing 50%, Piercing 50%
Resistance: -
Abilities: Attack (inflicts Silence with 10% chance, uses with 40% chance), Fire (20% chance), Blizzard (20% chance), Thunder (20% chance), attacks once per round
Drops: Potion ~2.6%, Hi-Potion ~0.4%, Phoenix Down ~0.1%
Steal: Potion (99.8% @ THF99)
Place: Tower of Owen

Drop Rate: 2%
Drop Table: 1 Potion, 2 Potion, 3 Potion, 4 Potion, 5 Hi-Potion, 6 Hi-Potion, 7 Hi-Potion, 8 Phoenix Down

Category: Bestiary

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