Dhorme Chimera

ドルメキマイラ [dhorme chimera] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy V


Dhorme Chimera
Level: 23, Number: 58, Type: Magic Beast
HP: 1,000, MP: 150, STR: 50, MAG: 0, DEF: 20, MDEF: 20, EVA: 0
GIL: 186 / EXP: 1,000
Absorb: Water
Status Immunity: Berserk, Confuse, Darkness, Death, Mini, Old, Paralyze, Petrify, Poison, Silence, Sleep, Stop, Toad
Learn: Aqua Breath
Control: Attack, Aqua Breath, Release: Aqua Breath
Drops: Phoenix Down
Steal: Trident
Place: desert near Library of the Ancients, desert in The Rift

Dhorme Chimera (Zephyrus)
Level: 45, Number: -, Type: -
HP: 2,700, MP: 1,000, STR: 60, MAG: 0, DEF: 0, MDEF: 5, EVA: 0
GIL: 0 / EXP: 0
Drops: Iron Draft
Steal: Hi-Potion
Other: summoned by Zephyrus

A Realm Reborn


Level: 50, Movement: Ground, Aggro: Sight
Type: Bloodborn / Beastkin / Chimera / Chimera, Trial Notorious Monster
Stats: HP 221,684, MP 28,000
Abilities: Attack, Chaotic Chorus, Dragon's Breath, Dragon's Voice, Gelid Charge, Lion's Breath, Ram's Breath, Ram's Keeper, Ram's Voice, Scorpion's Sting, Static Charge
Drops: Alumina Salts 100% (only when fulfilled the quest criteria for A Relic Reborn)
Area: Providence Point / The Weeping Saint (instance through Duty Finder)
Other: enter this Trial through Duty Finder option A Relic Reborn: Chimera

All the Bravest

HP: ?, Number: 57, From: FF5
Ability: Hose
Drop: Tiger Fangs
Area: Eureka Forest
Description: For having lion, goat, dragon, and behemoth parts, this beast is surprisingly weak.

Category: Bestiary

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