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Daemon is the Latin version of the Greek word 'daimon'. They were said to be benevolent nature spirits, sometimes a type of guardian spirits or forces of nature. The Christian use of 'demon' as a malignant spirit (the most likely influence of this monster) did not come into practice until the 4th century. In Middle English, demons were called feends or deuils, not demons.
デーモン [demon] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy III


Level: 23, Number: 069, Type: -, Family: Demon
HP: 742, ATK: 45, DEF: 19, MDEF: 4, STR: 20, VIT: 17, INT: 19, MND: 20, AGI: 24, WGT: 8
GIL: 316 / EXP: 1,008
Immunity: Paralysis, Petrification, Toad, Silence, Mini, Blind, Death, Brink of Death
Weakness: Holy 50%
Resistance: Earth 50%
Abilities: Attack (uses with 100% chance), attacks once per round
Drops: Wooden Arrow ~1.4%, Holy Arrow ~0.3%, Iron Arrow ~0.3%, Light Arrow ~0.3%, Fire Arrow ~0.3%, Ice Arrow ~0.2%, Medusa Arrow ~0.1%, Yoichi Arrow ~0.1%
Steal: Wooden Arrow (0.9% @ THF99), Holy Arrow (4.4% @ THF99), Iron Arrow (19.5% @ THF99), Light Arrow (75% @ THF99)
Place: Hein's Castle

Drop Rate: 3%
Drop Table: 1 Wooden Arrow, 2 Holy Arrow, 3 Iron Arrow, 4 Light Arrow, 5 Fire Arrow, 6 Ice Arrow, 7 Medusa Arrow, 8 Yoichi Arrow

Category: Bestiary

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