Cerberus (originally Kerberos, Greek) is a mythological three-headed dog who guards the gates of the Underworld in order to prevent souls who have crossed beyond the river Styx from returning to the land of the living. Each of its heads is said to have a craving for live meat. In most depictions the Cerberus is said to have a mane of snakes and a snake's tail. As for its weak points, in some tales it falls easily to sleep when it hears music.
Is sometimes known as 'Hellhound'.
ケルベロス [kerberos] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy III


Level: 55, Number: 221, Type: -, Family: Cerberus
HP: 99,999, ATK: 123, DEF: 46, MDEF: 10, STR: 60, VIT: 40, INT: 45, MND: 64, AGI: 46, WGT: 6
GIL: 66,666 / EXP: 66,666
Immunity: -
Weakness: -
Resistance: -
Abilities: Attack (inflicts Poison with 18% chance, uses with 75% chance), Blizzaga (uses with 8% chance), Thundaga (uses with 8% chance), Firaga (uses with 8% chance), attacks thrice per round
Drops: Hi-Potion ~7.9%, Phoenix Down ~0.1%
Steal: Hi-Potion (99.8% @ THF99)
Place: World of Darkness

Drop Rate: 8%
Drop Table: 1 Hi-Potion, 2 Hi-Potion, 3 Hi-Potion, 4 Hi-Potion, 5 Hi-Potion, 6 Hi-Potion, 7 Hi-Potion, 8 Phoenix Down


Final Fantasy IX

Level: 44
HP: 6,977, MP: 1,625, ATK: 59/M18, DEF: 10/M10, EVA: 5/M7, SPD: 28
GIL: 1,984 / EXP: 15,181/3
Drops: Opal x2, Ether
Steal: Ore, Tent, Ether
Place: Ipsen's Castle


Final Fantasy XII


Number: 146, Aggro: Yes, Movement: Ground, Type: Beast/Wolf
Stats (level 38-40): HP 4,419-5,059, MP 285-345, ATK 57-61, DEF 23-25, MDEF 22-26, EVA 7, STR 32-38, MAG 19, VIT 54-56, SPD 19-23, 50% chance of Haste
EXP: 1,473-1,821 / LP: 1 / Clan points: 285-739
Immunity: Petrify, Doom, Reverse, Disable, Sap, Lure, Berserk
Absorb: Fire
Weakness: Water
Abilities: Attack (x1-x5 with 10% chance, Fire element), Eerie Soundwave, Sonic Fangs, Lunge
Passive Abilities: Counter, Parry (when HP<50%), Counter+ (when HP<50%)
Drops: Prime Pelt 40%, Fire Crystal 25%, Fransisca 3%, Libra Gem 1%, Hell-Gate's Flame 5% with monograph, Arcana 18% with canopic jar
Steal: Fire Crystal 55%, Prime Pelt 10%, Festering Flesh 3%
Poach: Prime Pelt 95%, Hell-Gate's Flame 5%
Place: Feywood (there's a 40% chance that any Tartarus spawn will spawn as a Cerberus instead)
Description: Originally watchdogs of hell who came to our land to hunt down those who turned against the king of the underworld. They were charged with the duty of catching those disloyal to their king, and branding them with their fiery horns as a mark of their betrayal. The brand carried magicks of enforced servitude, and those so marked could never leave the underworld again. Though they no longer serve their ancient master, having long since been set adrift in our world, they continue to give chase and attack with fiery horns.

Crystal Chronicles

HP: 32, STR: 6, MAG: 6, DEF: 5, Type: -, Number: 028
Status Immunity: Burn
Lv1 Immunity: Stun, Gravity
Strong Resistance: Fire
Resistance: Thunder, Gravity
Abilities: Scratch, Sonic Boom, Fire Breath
Place: Goblin Wall (cycle 2-3), Rebena Te Ra

Category: Bestiary

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