カイナツォ [cagnazzo] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy IV

Cagnazzo (boss)
HP: 10,624, MP: ?, ATK: ?/M?, DEF: ?/M?, EVA: ?, SPD: ?
GIL: 4,000 / EXP: 53,285
Weakness: Ice (normal), Thunder (withdrawn)
Resistance: -
Absorb: Water (normal), Water, Ice (withdrawn)
Items: -
Steal: -
Place: Castle Baron throneroom

All the Bravest

HP: ?, Number: 38, From: FF4
Ability: Whirlpool
Drop: Frost Rod
Area: Fabul Waterway
Description: It is not known exactly why the Archfiend of Water insists on walking on all fours.

Category: Bestiary

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