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バグ [bug] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XII

Number: 046, Aggro: Yes, Movement: Ground, Type: Insect/Mimic
Stats (level 41-42): HP 6,739-6,979, MP 700-707, ATK 60-62, DEF 27-30, MDEF 28, EVA 0, STR 32-34, MAG 18, VIT 50-52, SPD 22
Stats (level 41-43): HP 6,769-7,219, MP 700-714, ATK 75-79, DEF 32-38, MDEF 28, EVA 0, STR 46-50, MAG 18, VIT 50-54, SPD 22
EXP: 1,985-2,142, 1,985-2,299 / LP: 1 / Clan points: 270-430, 270-590
Immunity: Petrify, Stop, Confuse, Sleep, Disease, Disable, Immobilize, Blind, Sap, Lure, Berserk, Charm
Weakness: Wind
Abilities: Attack (x1-x2 10% chance), Leech, Lunge
Passive Abilities: Attack+ (HP<50%), Counter (HP<50%)
Drops: Iron Scraps/Iron Ore 40%, Earth Crystal 25%, Antidote/Teleport Stone 3%, Iron Ore/Perseus Bow 1%, Pebble 30% with monograph, Arcana 3%/19% with canopic jar
Steal: Earth Magicite/Earth Crystal 55%, 1 gil/Iron Ore 10%, Earth Crystal/Holy Mote 3%
Poach: Iron Scraps/Iron Ore 95%, Iron Ore 5%
Place: Lhusu Mines
Description: Being a rare strain of mimic, its shell turned a jet black due to magicite consumption in the larval stage. While the magicite content of its body works to harden its shell against attacks, this effect is lost outside of magicite-rich areas. Consequently, all attempts at laboratory inquiry into the creature have been in vain, and its mechanisms for absorbing the power of magicite remain a mystery.

Category: Bestiary

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