ブロンテス [brontes] in Japanese.

A Realm Reborn


Level: ?, Movement: Ground, Aggro: Sight
Type: Transcendent / Voidsent / Cyclops (Cyclops), S-rank Elite Mark
Stats: HP ?
Abilities: Attack, 10-Tonze Swing, 10-Tonze Swipe, 100-Tonze Swing, 100-Tonze Swipe, Animal Instinct, Eye of the Beholder, Glower
Drops: Blood-spattered Mark Log (unknown%)
Area: Central Thanalan (random location)
Description: One of a pair of cyclops captured several years ago on Vylbrand by the Adventurers' Guild and subsequently separated. Brontes was sold to an Ul'dahn circus, where he proved a prize draw, and never more so than on his last day, when he slew two of his keepers over a haunch of venison barded in flare fat before escaping. Having learned the joys of enlightened cuisine during his captivity, the cyclops is drawn by the aroma of cooking, much to the terror of culinarians.
Other: can be spawned by eating HQ food, can spawn 36 hours after last kill

Category: Bestiary

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