Final Fantasy XIV


Level: 43-49, Movement: Ground, Aggro: Sound
Type: Bloodborn / Scalekin / Drake
Weakness: Wind
Resistance: Fire, Ice
Incapacitation: Head
Abilities: Attack, Burning Cyclone, Flames of Defiance, Land Scorch, Serpentine Tail, Smoulder
Drops: Fire Shard, Earth Shard, Lightning Shard, Drake Scales, Drake Skin, Fire Rock
Area: Dragonhead
Description (Raimdelle Codex): A drake is a manner kind of dragon that dwelleth in divers climes; now in crags, now in fens, now in holts. He hath a fierceness and hardihood and taketh heed of prey and pursueth him over sea and mountain with a great rese pight to catch his prey. Lightning is gendered without the drake that melteth a man and melteth not the drake.

Category: Bestiary

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