アームストロング [armstrong] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy IX


Level: 33
HP: 4,204, MP: 1,615, ATK: 46/M16, DEF: 17/M8, EVA: 4/M6, SPD: 26
GIL: 1,137, EXP: 7,150/2
Items: Phoenix Down, Soft, Ether
Steal: Ore, Hi-Potion, Ether
Place: Forgotten Continent, Seaways Canyon

Crystal Chronicles

HP: 160, STR: 5, MAG: 4, DEF: 4, Type: -, Number: 104
Complete Immunity: Thunder/Stun, Slow, Stop
Status Immunity: Freeze, Heavy
Lv1 Immunity: Burn
Strong Resistance: Physical, Blizzard, Gravity
Resistance: Fire
Abilities: Shake Off, Needle Gun, Shock Cannon, Slow Mist, Poison Breath, Stop Cannon, Curse Cannon
Place: Tida boss

Category: Bestiary

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