アプカル [apkallu] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XIV


Level: 55-59, Movement: Ground, Aggro: Sight
Type: Bloodborn / Cloudkin / Apkallu
Weakness: Lightning
Resistance: Water, Earth
Incapacitation: Head, Feet
Abilities: Flying Marine, Yawn
Drops: Water Shard, Ice Shard, Wind Shard, Apkallu Down, Apkallu Egg, Jellyfish Umbrella, Saber Sardine, Wahoo
Area: Widow Cliffs
Description (modern Raimdelle Codex): The feathers of the apkallu sheweth divers colours, yet are unable to bear the apkallu upon skyey realms for they are of a heaviness and sadness that is like to ferum. The mildness of the apkallu is wonderful and she is fair of disposition. She had liefer die than see her whelps pass of hunger, and alway seeketh fish that she may nourish her whelps. She catcheth fish with her crooked beak and swalloweth them up into her womb, then when upon ayencoming to her den, she casteth them up whole and sound.
Description (original Raimdelle Codex): The apkallu's feathers are colorful, but their iron-like weight and density render the bird incapable of flight. Apkallus have a warm disposition. They would rather die themselves than see their chicks die of hunger, and as such are constantly hunting fish to feed them. Once a fish is caught, the apkallu will swallow it and carry it back to her nest, where she will regurgitate it whole for her chicks to eat.

Category: Bestiary

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